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We turn presentations into experiences.


We design presentations that engage the audience. With the experience kept in mind, we design our presentations by keeping communication and design in sync. By helping your content and our design resonate with the audience, we turn your presentation into an experience.


Presentation Training

We help you tell your story. You know what you want to say; we are here to help you say it. We can do our training on-site or through workshops at our location.


Ask us about our new Hook-Line-Sinker presentation training workshop.


Video Production

We take your story to the big screen. By using the same principles found in our presentations, our staff practices the art of storytelling in order to script and storyboard any piece of film you need.

Commercial + Motion Graphics + Video Marketing

Who We Are.

A creative agency specializing in presentations.


We work to help you present yourself and your ideas in ways people will remember. How? By combining design, video, and copy to present your brand. From beginning to end, we help you present something that has meaning and emotion. Something that has impact. Something that inspires. We believe great presentations come from great stories, and great stories create even better experiences.

@speakingio Congrats on the @ProductHunt coverage. We need all the help we can get to help rid the world of boring presentations!
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Gus, Kenny, and their team (Mitchell rocks) know what they do, and they do it really well. From the first minute on the phone to the final version of our proposal, these guys gave 100% and made sure that no detail was missed. The results are really fantastic too. I received over 100 emails and thank you letters from members of the audience. I would not hesitate to contact BIGFISH if you want to take things to the next level.
For more info about USPE, go to uspowerco.com.
- Will Gruver - Founder and CEO, USPE

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